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Disc golf in Fairbury?

North Park is shown Wednesday, a possibility for disc golf.

Could disc golf be the next big thing for Fairbury?

Sebastian Mekarski appeared before members of the Fairbury City Council Wednesday night during the group’s regular meeting held via Zoom to promote the sport he believes would be a good fit for the city. He feels installing a nine-hole disc, also referred to as frisbee, golf course at North Park would lead to excitement among youth in the community.

“I’m open to reaching out to local businesses to see if they’ll sponsor holes,” Mekarski said.

The closest disc golf courses are in Pontiac, El Paso, Roanoke and Bloomington. According to Mekarski, sponsorships would bring down the cost of the initial build while advertising businesses.

“Anything that would benefit the city and provide more activities I think is a good thing,” said Alderman Gary Norris. “If we get an idea how much area that would take, that’d be great.”

Disc golf is described by Wikipedia as a flying disc sport where a disc is thrown at a target using rules similar to regular golf. Typically, it is played on courses with nine or 18 holes. The target includes a basket with chains around it.

Mayor David Slagel suggested Mekarski talk with Roanoke officials to get an idea on cost. Slagel also reminded the council the city is talking about a skate park in town as well.

Mekarski will be getting more information to the council as there seems to be some interest.

“We’ll see where we go with it,” stated Slagel.

In another matter Wednesday evening, the Fairbury City Council approved amending the Fairbury Police Department Policy 1.3, dealing with use of force. Chief Robert McCormick said this entails language the Department of Justice wants incorporated into use of force policies which can tie into being eligible for specific funding.

Attorney Steven Mann reported there are changes in the definitions of deadly force, which include the application of a chokehold.

City workers received praise from the council after working through the recent winter weather event. Alderman Jon Kinate gave a “shout-out” to all of those collecting garbage on Tuesday.

“Those guys did a heck of a job,” he said.

Mayor Slagel echoed those comments, thanking all of the workers for their efforts during the cold, snowy snap.

“I’m sure it hasn’t been easy,” said Slagel.

Membership renewal dues were approved for the Greater Livingston County Economic Development Council. The City Council authorized making the two payments of $3,958 into one single payment of $7,916.

Also at Wednesday’s meeting, the Fairbury City Council:

-Appointed Kathy Popejoy as a trustee for Dominy Memorial Library.

-Approved pay request 31 for the sewer project.

-Okayed the consent agenda, which included Feb. 3 minutes, voucher invoice register, check register and overtime report.

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