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Council amends code

Members of the Fairbury City Council have voted to amend part of the city’s municipal code book.

Changes were made to Chapter 8 on Wednesday night, which covers liquor and tobacco. Original wording stated that to apply to have alcohol in the street or public places, the applicant must hold a Fairbury liquor license. This change allows any Illinois liquor license holder to apply. There was already a clause stating this was a per-case basis and could be approved or denied by the council for any reason – but this “strengthens” the code according to a recommendation from the city attorney.

After the amendment was made, the council approved an application from Emancipation Brewing Company for alcohol sales and consumption on city streets during the Taste of Fairbury event Saturday, Sept. 21.

Council members learned from police chief Robert McCormick that the new hires are in their third week at the academy.

“Things are going well there,” McCormick said.

McCormick hired a part-time officer which puts the total to four. He said Fairbury Fair week went well and there were no major problems despite a larger number of people in town.

City Superintendent Brett Ashburn noted this is the first month the city will be doing paperless billing. More information is available on the back of cards. Residents are able to access bills and see their usage.

“We had a lot of people call and ask to be signed up for it,” Ashburn explained.

Ashburn requested a committee meeting take place to discuss the police contract with Forrest which expires later in the year. The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 28 starting at 6 p.m. Part of it will likely be held in executive session.

Alderman Gary Norris reviewed the final swimming pool summary for the year. Norris considers the information “encouraging” with over 5,000 swimmers this year and 17 pool parties. The number of passes was up and there was strong participation in the swim team. The pool also passed a state inspection and saw a profit from the snack bar.

“Thanks to the city crews for maintaining the pool. I know it’s a big job,” Norris stated.

In another matter, Stephanie Meints was appointed deputy city clerk. She will start learning the ropes to help fill in when current clerk Nancy Widlacki is absent. Widlacki feels if Meints learned more about the different aspects of city hall, it may encourage her to step into the role several years down the road.

“I think she could be beneficial to the city,” Widlacki said.

The council approved refurbishing a truck for the street department. Street superintendent Martin Steidinger anticipates a possible cost of $62,500 which could be slightly high.

“The hood needs some work,” Steidinger said. “I’m going to look into different options with the hood if we could save some money.”

It would basically be like a new truck once the work is complete and should last 15-20 years. The alternative is $130,000 for a new truck.

A quote from Opperman Construction to add a storm drain system was approved at a price of $9,835. This is for South Fifth Street and Munz Alley. Sewer Superintendent Brad Duncan explained the alley always gets washed-out by rain water from Fifth Street. This would solve many of the problems with standing water on part of the golf course and it is cheaper to do the work when the area is already torn up for the sewer project.

Duncan said they plan to run a 12 or 15 inch tile down to the creek. The tile portion of the work would come later. Alderman Bruce Weber made the motion for the Opperman quote.

Also at Wednesday’s regular meeting, the Fairbury City Council:

-Approved a quote from Steidinger to install new mixing tanks at the water treatment plant for $4,395.

-Purchased a drinking water fountain for the Stafford Community Center for $857.74.

-Authorized the consent agenda which included Aug. 7 meeting minutes, voucher invoice register listing the bills, treasurer’s cash report, check register and overtime report.

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