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Club launches reading program

(photo courtesy of the Boys & Girls Club)

During summer programming, Boys & Girls of Prairie Central incorporates activities to decrease the likelihood of the “summer slide”.

The specific program the Club uses is called Summer Brain Gain, which concentrates on enhancing reading and math skills so that the kids will be ready for school in the Fall.

Along with Summer Brain Gain, youth are participating in a new literacy program called KidzLit. The out-of-school reading enrichment program is designed for grades K-8 and provides fun and engaging activities that allow youth to make connections with what they are reading and their own lives.

The program promotes critical thinking and supports social and emotional development. Through the KidzLit, BGC staff use powerful literature and engaging activities to increase youths’ reading experiences, build the youths’ vocabularies, deepen their thinking and foster their ability to work with others.

Staff member Colton Cottrell really encourages the youth to take time to sit and read or listen to someone else read. Colton steers youth to the Dominy Library website to find books that they are interested in reading and then reserves and picks up the books when ready. By the end of the summer, the Club is going to be full of reading warriors!

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