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Support our businesses

Lost in Time as seen along Fourth Street in Fairbury this week.

Many events have been canceled recently and businesses have shut down to minimize the spread of coronavirus. As a result, many are left without a source of income.

You can still support local businesses through these trying times. When it came to shut-downs, non-essential local businesses were hit the hardest. One way to support them is by buying gift cards and gift certificates. This allows stores to still make a profit while their doors are closed. Then, when everyone is free to roam again, you and your friends can go out on a shopping spree. Gift cards can be ordered online by visiting a business website or Facebook page. If you have any questions, give them a call as they would be happy to help!

Some stores are still open, but things are changing each day. Businesses may have time limits or occupancy rules, so check their website or Facebook page or call the store before heading inside.

Many restaurants remain open for business, and while you cannot dine-in, you can order delivery or take-out services.

“These are very different circumstances we are living in, and it is difficult to anticipate even what the next day or week will bring,” says Bobbi McKeon, coordinator of the Specialty Shops of Fairbury. “Our country is strong, and we can show this strength by taking care of each other, in both the big and small things we do.”

You can never be too safe so be sure to take the extra precautions necessary when out and about.

If you have a story, idea, or suggestion, please share them with us by calling (815) 692-4500 or by emailing or call (815) 692-4500. To speak with a Specialty Shops representative in person, please visit Bobbi McKeon at Heart’s Desire on Route 24 in Fairbury.

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