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Hats off to our farmers

Corn is shown west of Fairbury during a previous growing season / file photo.

Farming is the backbone of our local economy.

If you take a drive out in the country on a sunny day, you will likely see tractors out in the field working the ground or planting corn and soybeans. Remember to thank a farmer if you see one out and about since they are feeding the world with a safe and abundant supply of food.

With so many farmers living in and around Fairbury, our businesses depend on them to purchase supplies, perform financial transactions or to gather for breakfast each morning. The local tire business, repair shop or card store benefit greatly from farmer foot traffic.

The farmer’s kids attend our schools and entire families support the various activities and organizations in town. Even local stores benefit from the farm-to-table concept as many consumers want fresh products these days, directly from the supplier.

Did you know the average American household spends less than 10 percent of their disposable income on food? This is the lowest of any country. An average family of four earns enough money to pay for their entire food supply for one year after seven weeks of working. To put it all into perspective, it takes 100 days of work to earn enough income to pay your taxes.

“Farmers are among the many essential employees working through these tough times,” says Bobbi McKeon, coordinator of the Specialty Shops of Fairbury. “We thank all of those on the front lines – from healthcare workers to supermarket employees and everyone in between.”

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