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County projects outlined

The new county highway maintenance building is shown in Pontiac on Friday.

A county government update was given at Friday’s annual Legislative Breakfast from the Livingston County Farm Bureau.

Livingston County Board vice-chair Steven Lovell said the county is well into the construction phase of its new highway and maintenance building which should be completed by June 1. This will provide space for equipment and items for the maintenance department.

The county will also complete a new parking lot at the Health and Education Building.

“In the same area, we are also working on a possible drive-thru for the Health and Education Building,” Lovell explained.

Lovell believes the most contentious issue currently is the implementation of Illinois House Bill 4412 which sets statewide renewable energy project siting standards. According to Lovell, the state is trying to tie the county’s hands when it comes to wind and solar.

“I’m afraid it’s here to stay.”

Livingston County signed a resolution to send to Springfield and just passed an ordinance to get in compliance with the state.

In an effort to be more transparent, the county has launched its first social media platform on Facebook. County Board meetings are also being streamed.

“Show up at the meetings,” added Lovell. “We welcome input.”

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