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Boys & Girls Club update

The revamped Boys and Girls Club dunk tank at last month's Local Taste in Fairbury.

Here is what’s happening with the Boys and Girls Club of Livingston County in the Prairie Central area.

Fairbury Update:

Our program highlight this week is a computer/internet activity Jade came up with for our homework center. The kids are given a challenge to figure out a specific problem (how much does a used car cost, how much do houses cost in different cities across the country, find a recipe…) The kids really enjoy having a goal and figuring out the answers to these questions.

Our member of the week is Bryce Tipton. Bryce is a fourth grader who’s been a club member for about 4 years. He attends our morning program and enjoys building super cool “found object landscapes” with his friends after school.

Our staff highlight this week is Allison Pratt. Allison is our STEM coordinator and oversees our robotics program. Along with being an incredibly hard worker at the Club, she is also a student at Heartland Community College.

Soccer games continue on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. So far, no rainouts or cancelations. Fingers crossed we make it to the end of the season with continued good, warmish weather!

Chenoa Update:

This week our program highlight is a coding lesson for STEM learning activity. The kids were tasked with unlocking codes to answer riddles or figure out a specific subject they are learning about. Our member of the week is kindergartener, Canon Stipp. He loves to draw and paint and play games on the computer during tech time. He is funny, energetic and sweet.

Chatsworth Update:

We are highlighting our Triple Play Daily Challenges program. This week all of our members competed in a hula hoop team building challenge. Our member of the week is Haiden Willis. Haiden is 12 years old. She enjoys hanging out in the gym with her friends and helping the younger members do different projects. Haiden is smart, caring and super helpful!

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