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Thoughts shared on memorials

(The scoreboard at Lewis Field is shown during last month's PCHS graduation)

After listening to public comments Thursday evening, Prairie Central Superintendent Paula Crane said she is confident they will come up with a suitable memorial to honor Drew Fehr and Dylan Bazzell.

Several individuals spoke at the regular June meeting of the Prairie Central Board of Education on ways to honor the two boys who passed away in March.

Amy Haberkorn was the first to speak, saying the thought of a memorial on the basketball court only made sense but she does not want to take away from the importance of the memorial already associated with the football field.

“Not only were they exceptional athletes and students, they were even better human beings and role models,” said Haberkorn of Bazzell and Fehr.

The two boys were known by the Haberkorn family since they were five years old as they were good friends with her son.

“It’s hard to imagine a time when we did not know them,” Haberkorn added.

Brian King pointed to the way the community came together following the tragic losses and he thinks an effort such as this would bring the community even closer. He also said it is a great way to start remembering all kids who were lost.

Mike Quinn described Fehr and Bazzell as two great athletes and wants to see something done to honor them.

“From what I’ve heard, it’s a process that has moved along great recently,” Quinn noted.

Greg Bazzell, an uncle to Dylan Bazzell, admits this is a subject that has plenty of emotions attached to it. He and his siblings have talked with Superintendent Crane.

“Nothing needs to be set in stone tonight but the importance of it is huge,” Bazzell commented.

While acknowledging no life is more important than the next, Bazzell reminded the group of how respectful the boys were to the community while making a difference in so many lives.

“It will bring a lot of enjoyment and warmth to these people, the Fehr family and Darin and Lynette’s family.”

Charlie Hoselton was reminded of the funds raised after the passing of local firefighter Brian Munz in 2008 which led to the Brian J. Munz Public Safety Complex.

“These kids never had an opportunity to get outside of here and connect with another organization,” Hoselton said. “There would be no better place to have a memorial for them.”

Crane thanked everyone for the input.

“We agree these boys are special and should be honored,” she explained.

According to Crane, the school has tried to make careful decisions while being compassionate.

“We want to be sure we are being cognizant of grieving families.”

Board President John Wilken reminded the crowd that there was nothing on the meeting agenda about the topic at this particular meeting.

“I expect things will be happening in the next month,” he said.

Crane reminded the crowd that something such as this does not always require board action as it sometimes comes down to communication between families and the school, meaning it might not ome up at a regular board meeting.

(Thursday's regular meeting of the PC Board of Education in Fairbury)

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