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Schools honor veterans

Members of the Fairbury American Legion and VFW present the colors at Prairie Central Elementary in Fairbury.

Students in the Prairie Central school district recognized Veterans Day with special ceremonies throughout the day Friday at various schools.

“They may not wear uniforms, but their service is essential,” Prairie Central Elementary Principal Emily Wenger said Friday morning, referring to veterans.

Wenger pointed to the challenges endured by service men and women that most Americans will never know. She also referred to the families who put their lives on hold to represent the best of America. Wenger noted November 2022 was proclaimed National Veterans and Military Families month by the president.

An informational video was presented to PCE students in Fairbury explaining a history of the day and how it transitioned from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. Recorded comments from veterans who work in the school district were shown. The young students sang songs for the different military branches before exiting the ceremony in complete silence.

“We’d like you to stand up so we can honor you at that time,” PCE music teacher Melissa Nagel told the veterans in attendance.

At Prairie Central Upper Elementary in Forrest, the Prairie Central Junior High band started the morning off with a patriotic medley and playing of taps. PCUE Principal Ben Klekamp, a veteran himself, introduced a digital presentation to the student body and visitors.

“We asked for photos of veterans explaining how they served, where they served and their connection to the Upper Elementary,” he explained.

Veterans Day programs were also presented Friday at Prairie Central High School, Prairie Central Junior High and the Prairie Central Primary schools.

PCJH band members perform a patriotic medley at the Upper Elementary under the direction of Megan Lackaff Friday.

PCUE Principal Ben Klekamp introduces those participating in Friday's ceremony.

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