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Men carry on auctioneer tradition

(Walt Edelman, left, and Dan Grosshans shown on Main Street Saturday morning)

Two familiar faces at the annual Fairbury Community Sale continue their long auctioneer careers.

Walt Edelman and Dan Grosshans could be spotted up and down Locust Street on Saturday during the 72nd annual sale. Edelman started in the auction business back in 1973 and has been at Fairbury and other community sales about every year since.

“We’ve got all kinds of stuff from lawn mowers to chainsaws,” explained Edelman. “You name it and we’ve sold about everything that has showed up here.”

Edelman has memories of working with fellow auctioneers during his early years.

“Reuben Bradley was the auctioneer then with us and he was kind of a unique person. I enjoyed working with him back then,” Edelman recalled.

Dan Grosshans was only 16 the first time he sold at Fairbury.

“They had these streets solid three rows from clear down by the grain elevator to First Street and the side streets – even into Sunken Park,” said Grosshans.

Though he missed some years, Grosshans has been at the Fairbury sale for a good 20 years or so.

“I remember the whole community stopped and came to the community sale and today, I don’t know if you went a block away from here, they knew it was going on,” he chuckled.

Edelman formerly operated Edelman Auction at the end of Locust where Prairieland Designs is currently. After retirement, Edelman worked with the Bradleys and other area auctioneers. Grosshans has worked with Edelman for many years and is also involved with the Bradleys.

“We are both getting older so I don’t know how many more years we’ll be doing it,” admits Grosshans.

There aren’t too many licensed auctioneers around anymore. In the past, there was no education involved and a license was not required.

“All of the auctioneers who wanted to get started got their start at community sales,” added Edelman.

(Items are placed on Main Street across from the Post Office Saturday morning in Fairbury)

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