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Fairbury pays tribute on holiday

(Fairbury American Legion's Gerry Brandt addresses a crowd at Graceland Cemetery)

The significance of Memorial Day was shared with those attending the annual service at Fairbury’s Graceland Cemetery Monday morning.

“They answered the call of duty giving us all the tomorrows of our future,” said Gerry Brandt, Fairbury American Legion commander.

Brandt hopes we all remember the price already paid not just by the veterans but their family members, which is the true cost of war. Brandt said encouraged the crowd to take time to honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

“May God bless all of our veterans no longer with us, especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms,” Brandt added.

VFW Quartermaster Paul Augsburger echoed the words of Brandt – hoping everyone keeps those in mind who paid the ultimate price for this country.

In addition to a wreath-laying ceremony by members of the VFW Auxiliary, the Prairie Central Band provided music such as the National Anthem and taps to accompany the 21-gun salute.

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