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City talks street work, trucks

(Street work is shown outside of Dave's Supermarket Thursday)

Street Superintendent Martin Steidinger told members of the Fairbury City Council Wednesday evening that he is looking at purchasing a former township truck for the city.

He found a 2006 truck in Carbondale which will go out for bids September 14 through a sealed-bid auction process.

“The starting bid is $28,000,” explained Steidinger.

They want to replace one with a cracked transmission and the truck up for auction belongs to Carbondale Township in southern Illinois. The 7400 International truck comes with a plow and spreader. While Steidinger anticipates the plow is not worth much, the city could use the spreader for salt.

“I’ll go down and take a look at it,” said Steidinger.

Steidinger also reported work outside of Dave’s Supermarket is almost complete and the area should reopen next Wednesday after more asphalt work and stripe painting.

City Superintendent Brett Ashburn noted the old hospital utilities have been disconnected and crews should start tearing down the building soon. Ashburn revealed a leak detection group located four or five leaks so far from the water but nothing substantial.

Police Chief Robert McCormick said his cadet will graduate from the academy next Friday and a sidewalk request was authorized for Mark Edelman on east Wanda Lane.

Alderman Steve Endres asked about holes coming back on Oak Street, which is Route 24. Steidinger said the state is expected to come back in August to repair them.

In other action Wednesday night, the Fairbury City Council:

-Appointed Kelly Honegger as a Library Board Trustee to replace Daniel Robertson.

-Approved the annexation of property for Chad and Kimberly Leman at 1010 East Elm Lane.

-Tabled the consideration of quotes to clean up electric for downtown lighting and replacement of the speaker system.

-Authorized the consent agenda, including July 19 meeting minutes, voucher invoice register, treasurer’s cash report, check register and overtime report.

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