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A fair experience along Route 24

Sevin and Sue Headley, of A&A Attractions, pose by their food stand on Route 24 in Fairbury.

If you are craving a corn dog or lemonade shakeup this summer, you don’t have to travel far.

A&A Attractions has set up a food stand along Oak Street in Fairbury to satisfy the cravings of those missing out on fairs this summer, complete with funnel cakes, deep fried Oreos and snow cones. The stand will be open until further notice and local residents seem to love the idea.

“Do you know how many times I heard, ‘Is that your stand?’ Then they’d say good for you,” said A&A owner Sue Headley.

The Headleys are the ones who placed a flag atop a Ferris Wheel parked along Route 24 on the west end of town. The response has been positive with several individuals stopping to snap a picture during the past few months.

COVID-19 brought the carnival industry to its knees, something Headley refers to as horrible.

“Every single one of my contracts canceled. It’s not just me – it’s all of them and a lot of my friends had to get creative too.”

Due to the overwhelming support the business received during its first few days of being open, they closed on Monday in order to restock and regroup after the long holiday weekend. The food stand’s regular hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

More information on the Fairbury food stand can be found on the Facebook page “Carnival Treats.”

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