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A refreshing lesson at PCUE

Mrs. Taylor is ready to serve up some ice-cold lemonade while Landon Meiss, Mason Fehr, Rustin Slagel and Cristian Medina record their observations and recipe information (photo provided).

Sixth graders at Prairie Central Upper Elementary in Forrest enjoyed some refreshing lemonade recently while learning about ratios at the same time.

Teachers hosted the Lemonade Tasting Kick-off event for the ratio math unit. Students were given the recipe and taste-testing sample from three different lemonade stands and had to identify which had the strongest flavor. The activity will continue to compare the different recipes in order to form equivalent fractions, find unit rates and measurement conversions.

“It was fun because we got to try some lemonade which helped us with ratios,” said student Wyatt Stork.

Serenity Loveless felt the lemonade had too much water.

“That was awful!” she exclaimed, while throwing out the rest of the cup.

Sixth grade teachers Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Langel and Mrs. Steidinger all had their own lemonade ratios to share.

“It was funny how people made faces when they drank the lemonade with the weakest taste because it did not taste good,” noted Naomia Bachtold.

“While this task was easy to complete with one lemonade being ‘too watery’ or ‘bland’ and another lemonade recipe being described as ‘delicious,’ students began to compare the different ratios found in the recipes by discussing how many parts of lemon juice and water were used,” explained teacher Amber Edwards.

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